Transgender Veterans Survey

If you are a veteran or active duty person who identifies as being transgender, the Transgender American Veterans Association (TAVA) would like you to take our survey.A new survey has been created to achieve a more accurate picture of the state of the transgender American veteran population. Many of the issues facing transgender veterans are no different than those facing the rest of the transgender community. However negotiating healthcare through the Veterans Administration and dealing with the Department of Defense poses its own unique set of challenges. This survey is also for those transgender people who are still serving in the military and those veterans who identify and are diagnosed as intersex.

So far, over 500 people have taken this survey, but we are seeing that not very many crossdressers have done so. We figured that it is because they have not been made aware of it on the web sites they visit. It is TAVA's hope that after reading this, you will please consider taking our survey and pass this onto your transgender veteran xfriends. We need as many transgender veterans and active duty people to take it as possible.

Go to and click onto the link on our front page that will take you to the survey. There are no questions asking about contact information, so this is completely confidential. And please, if you are not a veteran, then do not take the survey. There are others who are in the process of putting together a survey for all of us, so please wait for that one to come out. Thank you.

Monica Helms
President, TAVA