First Event 2008 Transgender Conference in Boston, MA Puts Out Call Presenters

Tiffany Club of New England's 28th annual "First Event 2008 Transgender Conference", to be held January 16 to the 20th 2008 at the Boston Marriott Peabody in Peabody, Massachusetts, seeks presenters for workshops and seminars of interest to the transgender community. Single page proposals are needed by November 1, 2007 for inclusion.

Waltham, MA (OPENPRESS) September 11, 2007 -- Tiffany Club of New England's 28th annual First Event 2008 Transgender Event, being held January 16 to the 20th 2008 at the Boston Marriott Peabody is seeking proposals for presentations and workshops that would address the needs and interests of all segments of the transgender community. Tiffany Club is seeking a highly diverse cross-section of the transgender spectrum to present and attend. Tiffany Club is open to all new proposals and ideas to find ways to creatively expand First Event 2007's horizons.

?This year's First Event will be running presentations in tracks or interest areas to make it easier for attendees to schedule their day?, said June Casad, Director, First Event 2008 Programs/Workshops. The tracks are likely to include the following: Crossdressers, FtM, MtF, Family/SO's, transition support, medical/surgical information, standards of care, emotional support, dressing for gender success, make-up, deportment,spirituality, work and legal rights topics. This is not meant to be a complete or exclusive list and First Event 2008 is open to suggestions on tracks or topics that presenters believe would be of interest to the transgender community.

If you would like to present or run a workshop, please submit a single page proposal to First Event by November 1, 2008. For the convenience of prospective presenters, a proposal form is also available on the Tiffany Club of New England First Event 2008 Website. You may submit your proposal via surface mail, fax or email.

They will be accepting proposals after this date, but cannot guarantee that your workshop will be included in the program guide after that. If you are submitting multiple proposals, please file a separate proposal for each separate workshop.

For more information, submit your workshop proposal, or for questions the contact information is:

June Casad
Director, First Event 2008 Programs/Workshops
Tiffany Club of New England
PO Box 540071
Waltham MA 02454-0071
email:, ATT: June Casad
phone: 781-891-9325
Fax Line 1-781-899-3562