Transgender Tapestry 073 FALL 1995

TG Tapestry 1073
Transgender Tapestry 073 FALL 1995 Table of Contents

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* Transgender Leadership and Community - Alison Laing
* It's Time For Your Medicine - Three Hallelujahs for Us All - Sheila Kirk
* Legal Briefs - When In Doubt, Disclose! - Daniel J. Shea
* Psych Dept. - Straight Questions, Straight Answers - Gianna Eveling Israel
* Electrology - Skin Cancer of the 90's - Linda DeFruscio, Re, Ri


* The Editor's Desk
* Introduction
* Mailbag
* Bulletins, Notices and News
* Directory of Organizations and Services
* Personal Listings
* Subscription Form
* Calendar of Major Events


* COVER STORY: Have Bikini Will Travel: An American Crossdresser in London Etc. - Jane Fee
* History's Greatest Sexual Masquerade: Interview with Gary Kates - Jean Marie Stine
* You Are the Teachers - Kim E. Stuart
* Ripples: IFGE at the APA - Judy Osborne
* Third Gender, New Half - Lee Cashin
* Transgender Issues
o The Enemy: A New Perspective - Terri L. Main
o Homophobia: the Bible and the Church - Rev. William Sloan Coffin
o Union of the Spirits: An Inclusive Event - Dallas Denny
o Transsexuality and Religion: A Personal Journey - Karen F. Kroll, M.Div.
o People of the Rainbow: Transgender in Magick and Ritual - Paul B. Rucker

* Computer Chronicles: Surfing Through the TG BBs - Brenda Thomas
* A Weekend with Emily - V.T. Keller
* A Man by Any Other Name - Shadow Morton
* The Nylon Police - Jennifer Caine
* Shannon's Story - Shannon
* Queens City Queens: The '95 Be-All, An Insider's View - Bobbi Lamb, photography by Mariette Pathy Allen
* On Changing One's Gender - Linda Philips
* I.F.G.E. Synchronicity Bookstore