Transgender Tapestry 078 WINTER 1996

TG Tapestry 1078
Transgender Tapestry 078 WINTER 1996 Table of Contents

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* DEAR GIANNA: Raising the TG Child - Gianna Eveling Israel
* IT'S TIME FOR YOUR MEDICINE: AIDS and the TG Community - Sheila Kirk, MD
* LEGAL BRIEFS: What ENDA Means to You - Dana Priesing, JD
* F2M: Confrontation - "Andy"
* TRANS-ACTIONS: News and Notes from the Gender Frontier - Nancy R. Nangeroni
* LAST WORDS: TG Culture Part 2 - Alison Laing


* WHAT IS IFGE? About the International Foundation for Gender Education
* TRANSCRIPTIONS: Letters from Our Readers
* DR. KIRK'S SURVEYS: Your Participation Requested


* NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN: The TOPS Story - R. Scott Gerdes
* COMING OUT AS A CD: A Psycho-Spiritual Initiation - Linda Marks, MSM
* WHY SOME CD'S SHOULD NOT TELL THEIR WIVES: A Warning - Linda and Cynthia Phillips
* EDWARD D. WOOD, JR.: Crossdressing Director: The Myth and the Man - Jean Marie Stein
* TRANSGENDER IMAGES: Photo Essay - Mariette Pathy Allen
* STILL FEISTY AFTER ALL THESE YEARS: Interview with Merissa Sherrill Lynn
* THE IFGE STORY: An Oral History


* COMING OUT: How I Did It - Loren M. Wingert, CPA
* SKIN: What Kind of Electrolysis is Best? - Linda DeFruscio, RE, RI, PME
* SPOUSES AND SO'S: Priscilla Queen of the Seas - Peggy Rudd, Ed.D.
* DIRECTORY OF TG ORGANIZATIONS: 300+ Institutes and Support Groups Worldwide
* TRANS-PERSONALS: Where the TG Community Meets
* TRANS-COMMUNITY: What's Doing at TG Clubs Around the World
* TG CALENDAR: A Glittering Season of TG Events
* I.F.G.E. Synchronicity Bookstore