Transgender Tapestry 082 SPRING 1998

TG Tapestry 1082
Transgender Tapestry 082 SPRING 1998 Table of Contents

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* EDITORIAL: Bigendered, Bisexual - Natural Allies - Nancy Nangeroni
* TRANSACTIONS: News and Notes from the Gender Frontier - Nancy R. Nangeroni
* F2M: All About Us - James Green
* SPOUSES AND SIGNIFICANT OTHERS: Colin's Dozen Bits of Wisdom - Peggy Rudd, EdD
* LAST WORD: It's All About Attitude - Alison Laing


* WHAT IS IFGE? About the International Foundation for Gender Education
* TRANSCRIPTIONS: Letters from Our Readers
* CALENDAR OF TG EVENTS: Conventions and Conferences
* TRANSPEOPLE: TG Personalities and Performers in the News
* DIRECTORY OF TG ORGANIZATIONS: Local, National and International Institutes and Support Groups
* TRANSMISSIONS: View and Reviews from the World of TG Media
* DIRECTORY OF HELPING PROFESSIONALS: TG-Supportive Physicians and Psychotherapists Nationwide


* HECK YES! WE'RE TRANSGENDERED: More in Our Salute to 100 Transpeople Who Are Out, Proud, Successful
* TAMMY TWOTONE UNCENSORED: Excerpts from the CD Comedienne's Hit Nightclub Act
* CROSSDRESSING PARENTS: Good or Bad for Kids? - Gianna Eveling Israel
* CLICK, HELLO: Fiction - Riki Anne Wilchins
* THE NEW MILLENNIUM IN HAIR REMOVAL: A Consumer Guide to the Laser - Linda J. DeFruscio, R.E.
* DREAMSCAPES: The Transgender Art of Luna Hanneman
* WIGGED OUT AT WIGSTOCK '97: Transgender's exclusive behind-the-scenes look! - R. Scott Gerdes and Debranne Cingari
* LIFE WOULD BE MUCH EASIER: If CDs Came Out to Their Wives - Lesley Gordon
* TG TORONTO: Site of the 1998 IFGE/Xpressions' Convention - Miqqi Alicia Gilbert
* DIFFERENT FOR GIRLS: Rave Reviews from the TG Community
* I.F.G.E. Synchronicity Bookstore