Exhibition -- "Paedra Exposed"

"Paedra Exposed", an exhibition/installation of New Ink Paintings by Paedra Peter Bramhall opening July 14 through August 26 at Gallery in the Field, 6875 Arnold District Road, Brandon, VT 05733.

Gallery hours: 1 to 5 weekends, weekdays by appointment.

Contact info: Fran Bull

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Gallery in the Field

As the provocative title implies, Paedra/Peter Bramhall, native Vermont artist, exposes his new ink paintings at Gallery in-the-Field in Brandon, Vermont in an exhibition/installation opening on July 14 and running through August 26. A reception for the artist will be held at the gallery from 1 to 5 pm on July 14. Bramhall will offer a Gallery Talk at 2 pm.

Bramhall's large, opulent figurative ink paintings reflect his life within the community of transgendered individuals. Never one to avoid controversy and tough ideas in his long career as an artist, Bramhall's work in "Paedra Exposed" pulls no punches in depicting practices and rituals that are integral part of his life. In this regard, Gallery in-the-Field informs and forewarns viewers that the exhibition contains adult material, and as such, is not suitable for children.

Bramhall, a graduate of the Cleveland Art Institute, made a national reputation as a master of glass-blown art. A documentary on his glass-blown art objects was shown in 1989 on Vermont Public Television. Bramhall has made bodies of large public sculpture, as well, in bronze. More recently, he/she has combined glass art and Performance in exhibitions and installations in Vermont and New Hampshire. The Ink Drawings to be shown at Gallery in-the-Field represent the most recent iteration of Bramhall's oeuvre, and their exposure takes the additional step of revealing the artist in dimensions heretofore either obscured or omitted.