Subjects wanted for research on transgender aging film documentary

Actively seeking the help of Transgendered MTF seniors, ages 55+,interested in participating in extensive on-camera interviews for a documentary film on Women and Aging. Participants may identify across the spectrum of the Trans experience from crossdresser to transsexual. The film will be based on the lived experiences and reflections on the aging processes of Transgendered and Genetic women. My film company, Stop the World Films, is located in the Boston area, but some travel is possible.

I am a Ph.D in anthropology who has worked extensively with the Trans community in the US and Holland. From my professional experience and listening to the needs of the Trans communities in the US and Europe, very little research has been done in the area of aging from a Trans perspective. I believe that a film juxtaposing the perceptions of Trans women with Genetic women will address the broader issues of aging women in our culture and provide fascinating, poignant, and illuminating portraits of various individuals.

Your help is most appreciated. For additional information on the film or to discuss your possible participation in the project.

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Thank you,

Adrianne Tabet