TSTBC 2006 Date Change

National African-American Transgender Conference in Louisville, KY Dates Have Changed

Due to a scheduling conflict, the Transsistahs and Transbrothas Conference will now take place October 18-22, 2006 at Louisville's Galt House Hotel and Suites.

The first major transgender conference planned by and for African-American transgender people was a success with attendees coming from all parts of the US for four days of seminars, socializing and strategizing how to build a stronger more cohesive African-American transcommunity. The Conference Planning committtee is already hard at work putting together TSTBC 2006.

The conference is geared toward African-American transgender people and their allies and supporters, with seminar topics that reflect our heritage and the unique problems that we face not only as transgendered people but being a person of color.

See you in Da Ville October 18-22

for more information & registration:

TSTBC, c/o DAwn Wilson, Managing Partner

PO Box 5896, Louisville, KY 40255

bro.joshua@netzero.com or monicar62@yahoo.com

or visit us on the web at http://www.transfamilydefyinggravity.net/